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Do you feel unheard in your relationships? Are you experiencing a problem or issue at work or at home that you are keen to resolve? Do you want to explore the way you are thinking or feeling? Do you feel stuck and want to move on and get back to enjoying life? Have you suffered a traumatic event? Have you suffered medical negligence? Are you grieving a loss or bereavement? Is anxiety, depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) getting you down? Do you have generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) or panic disorder? Do you want to find meaning and purpose in your life?


Perhaps I can help you? 


Deciding to get help and address your issues is an important first step that is commendable.



What to Expect


I offer you the freedom and space to explore your own feelings and thoughts confidentially. I am unbiased and non-judgemental and will help you uncover your own understanding and insight into your problems, and provide you with the tools that will help you resolve them for yourself.


Counselling can feel difficult at times, especially when discussing painful memories and upsetting emotions. Inevitably, some sessions will feel more helpful than others, but rest assured that everything is intended to help you in the long run. 


The Benefits of Integrated Counselling 


Integrative counselling combines different schools of psychology and is specifically tailored to your unique needs. It offers the added advantage of being flexible, enabling us to work together to find the approach that best suits you as an individual.


I believe there is no single approach that can benefit every client in all situations. I consider each client individually and tailor my counselling techniques to your individual needs and personal circumstances. I am interested not only in what works for you, but why it works for you. 

“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.”

― Sigmund Freud

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